Demonstration projects

InNovaSilva, in collaboration with IUFRO, has taken the initiative with RFFL – Resilient Future Forests Lab. The purpose is to create a global network of operational-scale demonstration trials within active and goal-driven forest management and afforestation. A range of solutions is being developed, and ongoing data and results on the effects of alternative choices in forest management can be provided.

The demonstration trials aim for large (>50 ha) experimental areas to ensure robust data from experiments on a practical, relevant, and long-term scale. The size is also important for communication and credibility.

The RFFL demonstration trials are intended to serve as forestry showcases and experimental fields that can contribute to documenting and thus ensuring the relevance and existence of the profession and industry in the future.

Denmark and abroad

We have started on a small scale in Denmark in Poulsker Plantation on Bornholm (11 ha), Trollerup Experimental Plantation (120 ha), and St. Hjøllund Plantation (Julianelyst) by Jelling as well as in both Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, where development funds have been channeled to the initiative through IUFRO.

InNovaSilva also participates in a consortium with 23 other European partners, mainly forestry research institutions, in the project ‘Eco2adapt,’ starting in 2022 and led by the French research center INRAE.

InNovaSilva plays a significant coordinating and facilitating role in the development and implementation of this new generation of long-term demonstration trials.

Overview of project areas