Palle Madsen

Position: “Principal, Lead Forest Restoration and Practice Research, PhD”
Owner of InNovaSilva ApS
Mission and vision

I started InNovaSilva ApS with a mission to promote and enhance sustainable management and restoration of forests and forest landscapes challenged by climate change by innovating through applied research and development. I believe that intelligent use of wood and wood biomass, along with sustainable forest restoration and management, is the most powerful and cost-effective tool we have to make a difference for a better world.

The challenges are greater than ever, but our opportunities to implement good solutions are also greater. I contribute with more than 30 years of experience in silviculture, research, development, dissemination, and implementation of evidence-based results within forest management, regeneration, and restoration.

InNovaSilva ApS’ approach is to collaborate with practitioners and stakeholders to combine forest science with innovative methods to support implementation that is relevant to meeting needs. This is done with a full understanding of the changing conditions in our modern world, including population growth and different economies, changing climate conditions, and the widespread emergence of new ecosystems.

Scientific and practical areas
  • Forest cultivation and reforestation
  • Restoration of forest landscapes, afforestation, and reforestation
  • Forest adaptation and management of climate change
  • Forest wildlife and wildlife population impact and management
An updated list of publications, including H-index, is currently available at:

Phone: +45 2434 0209


Dr. John Stanturf

Position: Restoration specialist for InNovaSilva.

Guest professor at the Estonian University of Life Sciences and a restoration specialist at InNovaSilva.

John Stanturf retired in 2018 as a senior researcher from the US Forest Service. He continues to advise and conduct training in forest landscape restoration and serves as the Vice Coordinator for the IUFRO Task Force on “Transforming Forest Landscapes for Future Climate and Human Well-being.”

His research on restoration, disturbance, climate change adaptation, and bioenergy is conducted in temperate, boreal, and tropical forests in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He holds a Ph.D. in forest soils from Cornell University.

Laura R. Bonde

Position: “Student assistant”

A student at the University of Copenhagen.

Forest and Landscape Engineer 2024

Receives inquiries regarding the website